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Safe to use / your personal risk

New feature for irc archives. Each file has a notify message where it shows if a file is safe to use.

When you are visiting a file that you want to download, it will display a green icon because we tested it or a yellow icon where the file hasnt been tested.

Please note that every file that you find here needs to pass 3 steps before it will be posted.

1. We check it for unwanted exe file or different extensions that can be malicious

2. We check the source code for hidden exploit or ctcp commands that can affect the users

3. The hosting company uses antimalware to scan for each file. If it detects something, it will be automaticaly removed.

As you can see, we put a lot of effort and time. If you want to read our new article click the link below:

Malicious mirc scripts | Blog IRC News |


Our web portal reached 500 users registered! Hurray!

Thanks for joining us!

We remind you:

- after a donation of 30 euro, you will be granted with the PowerUser. This rank gives you the posibility to download all of our files for free for life. Isnt this cool? :)

- register your online radio for free promotion

Stars rating

Hello all! Nice to see you active. Yesterday the staff decided to cancel the rating stars on the main radio list to avoid visitors drop from the start of navigation.

What this means? When a new listener visit the main radio list, they maybe check the radio popularity stars and can avoid from the begining to visit your radio page.

So, in order to check if a radio is popular or not, he must visit the radio page instead, and this thing lead to more radio traffic. This update comes also with a new top widget for radio genres and offers you a better navigation.

For support or other questions, please check our discord server.


Hello to all our members and thank you for joining us!

We are glad to announce that our irc network is now in TOP 100 on statistics! 3 times hurray for us!

It`s been a long journey to accomplish this evolution and this is because of our new collaboration with irc nerds.

Basically, we are now an international chat opened to any user all over the world.

Thank you for using our chat application!


Going internationaly

Hello dear friends! Each day we keep our eyes on the statistics and we dont enjoy to much what we see. From Romania we obtain a poor trafic, compared with the users that visit the portal from other countries, and because of that, we have to decide if we will make the website full english language.

The main goal of this web portal is to preserve a lot of mirc files, but we saw that romanians are not too much interested so we want to translate everything.

Starting from today, we will began step by step to change everything.

Please, send us your opinion on #support.

Irc-Nerds link

Today we linked our chat servers with our new friends IRC-Nerds. If you dont know who IRC-Nerds are, follow this link and read more about them IRC-nERDs

So, the main goal is to connect with all kinds of networks locally or internationally, to share new ideas and to chat.

This type of connection is called: pylink and the main server channel will be displayed in /list command. When a user connects to the respective channel, on the other part of their server will be relayed the user connection. It`s like a mirror but is very interesting because it can provide a lot of informations.

So, if you want to see how it goes, connect with mirc: /server,#ichat

New integration

Hello good people!

Today we introduce you a new download category, called XDCC. For those who dont know what this means, it stands for Xtended DCC, and you can send or receive files over the IRC protocol. Using this type of mirc addon, you can start your own irc server in minutes.

Feel free to navigate to mIRC XDCC Download | mIRC Scripts |

Login, or create a new website account and start downloading your favorite server.

The staff.

Modificare acces PowerUSer

Buna ziua tuturor!

De astazi se modifica politica de descarcare a fisierelor ce apartineau categoriei PowerUser. Daca accesul catre fisiere se facea in baza unei mici donatii, de acum, fisierele vor putea fi descarcate doar daca acel utilizator detine un server IRC si il linkeaza la hubul nostru. Dupa efectuarea acestui link, detinatorul serverului va putea avea acces la toate fisierele PowerUser.

Avand in vedere aceasta noua modificare, asteptam propunerile voastre de linkare.

Va asteptam!

Update genuri radio

Buna tuturor!

Daca sunteti posesorul unui post radio de pe acest portal, trebuie sa stiti ca am adaugat mai multe categorii pentru genurile muzicale. Va puteti edita propriul post in baza genului dumneavoastra pentru a putea fi gasit mai usor pe motoarele de cautare.

Pentru orice situatii sau neclaritati, scrie-ti-ne!