mIRC DLL Download
mIRC dll Description User vote
zb64.dllmIRC Now-adays by default locks $encode, and $decode If you are using those methods in your addon, then this DLL is the perfect for you.
Xpopups.dllXPopups.dll will create styles in your mirc menus, and will add background image to it.
XML2.dllDll to manipulate an xml file. A little advanced than the previous one.
XML.dllDll to manipulate an xml file.
x-GUI.dllDll that helps you to create nice mirc interface for dialog boxes.
Wnd.dllDLL description: useful functions for managing your windows, even if they are mirc windows or not (since you can specify any HWND on any function)
WLMStatus.dllWindows Live Messenger status. But because the app isnt anymore, you can learn from the code.
winsd.dllThis DLL is used to force your computer to shutdown, restart, or logoff.
WinRgn.dllThe purpose of this DLL is to allow you to define "window regions" to windows inside of mIRC. You can use this to make round windows, windows with holes in them, and many more combinations.
WinMenu.dllThis DLL lets you add a menubar (File Edit ...) in a mIRC @window. The syntax to create the menu is quite simple and you receive the events of the menu ID clicks by a mIRC signal. There ie no limit on the number of sub-menus to create. You can enable/disable or/and check/uncheck a menu item with a command.