DCX - Dialog Control Xtension

Updown control (without an edit control buddy.)

Control Styles
These control styles are available when creating a UpDown control. Remember that the general styles disabled, group, hidden, notheme, tabstop and transparent apply to all DCX controls except the embedded Dialog and Window controls.
arrowkeys Causes the up-down control to increment and decrement the position when the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys are pressed.
buddyint Causes the up-down control to set the text of the buddy window when the position changes. The text consists of the position formatted as a decimal or hexadecimal string.
horz Causes the up-down control's arrows to point left and right instead of up and down.
hottrack Causes the control to exhibit "hot tracking" behavior. That is, it highlights the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW on the control as the pointer passes over them.
left Positions the up-down control next to the left edge of the buddy window. The buddy window is moved to the right, and its width is decreased to accommodate the width of the up-down control. (default is right)
nothousands Does not insert a thousands separator between every three decimal digits.
tooltips The up-down control will have a tooltip.
wrap Causes the position to "wrap" if it is incremented or decremented beyond the ending or beginning of the range.

/xdid flags
Control commands are input to the control with the /xdid command.
/xdid -c
This command lets you set the updown buddy control.
/xdid -c [DNAME] [ID] [BUDDY ID]
/xdid -c dcx 4 7
Note. Setting a buddy control is optional, and limited to edit and text type controls only.

/xdid -r
This command lets you set the updown range.
/xdid -r [DNAME] [ID] [MIN] [MAX]
/xdid -r dcx 4 0 100

/xdid -t
This command lets you set the updown display numerical base.
/xdid -t [DNAME] [ID] [BASE]
/xdid -t dcx 4 16
BASE Numerical base for the value.
10 Decimal
16 Hexadecimal

/xdid -v
This command lets you set the updown value.
/xdid -v [DNAME] [ID] [VALUE]
/xdid -v dcx 4 25

$xdid() Properties
The $xdid identifier is a given mIRC alias that communicates with the DCX DLL to extract information in DCX controls.
This property lets you retreive updown range.
$xdid(dialog, ID).range
$xdid(dcx, 4).range

This property lets you retreive updown value.
$xdid(dialog, ID).value
$xdid(dcx, 4).value

UpDown Events
These events are fired when activity occurs in the UpDown control.
Launched when you click on a control using the ? contexthelp button.
/cb_alias DNAME help ID
/cb_alias dcx help 4

When the text is clicked.
/cb_alias DNAME sclick ID
/cb_alias dcx sclick 4

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