DCX - Dialog Control Xtension

Window (embedded)
This control enables you to dock a @window as a control on a dialog. The @window must be opened before any attempt to add it to the dialog.

You can dock any number of windows as long as each is a separate control.

Please take note that the windows are ejected when the dialog is closed.

Control Styles
These control styles are available when creating a Window (embedded) control. Remember that the general styles disabled, group, hidden, notheme, tabstop and transparent apply to all DCX controls except the embedded Dialog and Window controls.
@windowName There are no specific styles for this control. The style is used to determine which window is embedded. You may also specify a HWND to embed instead of a @windowName

$xdid() Properties
The $xdid identifier is a given mIRC alias that communicates with the DCX DLL to extract information in DCX controls.
Returns the name of the embedded window.
$xdid(dialog, ID).wname
$xdid(dcx, 4).wname

Window (embedded) Events
These events are fired when activity occurs in the Window (embedded) control.
Launched when you click on a control using the ? contexthelp button.
/cb_alias DNAME help ID
/cb_alias dcx help 4

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