DCX - Dialog Control Xtension

The line control is a graphical line, much like the side of a box control.

Control Styles
These control styles are available when creating a Line control. Remember that the general styles disabled, group, hidden, notheme, tabstop and transparent apply to all DCX controls except the embedded Dialog and Window controls.
alpha Control is alpha blended.
center Text is center aligned
endellipsis Appends ... if the text becomes too lengthy
noformat Disables support for mIRC codes in control (faster).
noprefix The &s; character is not parsed as an underline.
nowrap Lengthy text will not be wrapped.
pathellipsis Replaces characters in the middle of the text with ellipses so that the result fits in the specified area. (NT+)
shadow Display text with a shadow.
vertical The line is vertical.

/xdid flags
Control commands are input to the control with the /xdid command.
/xdid -t
This command lets you set the text of a line.
/xdid -t [DNAME] [ID] (Cell Text)
/xdid -t dcx 4 Line text

$xdid() Properties
The $xdid identifier is a given mIRC alias that communicates with the DCX DLL to extract information in DCX controls.
This property lets you retreive the line text.
$xdid(dialog, ID).text
$xdid(dcx, 4).text

Line Events
These events are fired when activity occurs in the Line control.
Launched when you click on a control using the ? contexthelp button.
/cb_alias DNAME help ID
/cb_alias dcx help 4

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