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Daemon IRCUnrealIRCd3.x
Adaugat2021-11-01 07:28:03
DescriereAvem de inlocuit urmatoarele module: Unrealircdx.x.x/src/include - h.h; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/include - struct.h; Unrealircdx.x.x/src - umodes.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_svso.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_who.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_kick.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_message.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_mode.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_part.c; Unrealircdx.x.x/src/modules - m_whois.c; make && make install; ./unreal restart
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