Undernet X scripts

Colectie de fisiere mIRC pentru serverele si serviciile retelei de chat Undernet. Daca sunteti detinatorul sau autorul unui astfel de script si doriti sa-l faceti public, va rugam sa ne contactati.

Script Autor Descriere/Continut Popularitate Download
Whois Channel Manager QueenElsaThis script alows you to place channels into various lists. Channels in lists are sorted in the output of a /WHOIS - according to list.
NickList Admin QueenElsaThis script was designed for new ops to quickly begin using X with little to no training while ensuring the risk of malformatted commands remains minimal.
Eggdrop Control QueenElsaThis addon allows you to control a bot that runs Blackshadow`s Blacktools 2.5
Autojoin QueenElsaThis is an autojoin control script. It manages your invites. Currently, this script is only for use on the Undernet IRC network. There are plans to update this script to be compatible with all network and introduce whitelisting.
Comenzi X BLKoldSUNMeniu de tip popups pentru reteaua de chat Undernet. Meniul pentru scripturile irc contine diferite comenzi pentru serviciile retelei (comenzi la X).