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Services popups

Menu popups for nickserv, chanserv, botserv, operserv. Note that the new unrealircd6 has changed the sintax of commands.

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mIRC nicklist

Random slaps, messages and greetings for mirc nicklist

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Greetings popups

Some greeting messages but in different languages.

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ASCII popups

ASCII graphics for nicklist popups

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Funny popups

Some mirc slaps with funny messages

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Nicklist colors

mIRC Dialog that colors the userlist based on their accesses.

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Admin popups

Simple admin menu popups to kick, ban or to give some accesses

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Ignore popups

Menu to ignore users

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VLC now playing

mirc snippet for localhost VLC

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Spotify link

mirc snippet for spotify. It displays track info and artist.

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Cabbit AMP 1.5

mp3 player for mirc

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MP3 player

Advanced mp3 player for mirc with custom options

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MP3 player

simple mp3 player snippet for mirc

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mp3 player for mirc  using DCX dlls

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MP3 cutter

/mp3cut <first-time> <last-time> - sample: /mp3cut 00:37 01:45

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Mini mp3

Simple mini mp3 player for mirc

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MP3 player

mp3 player created by eNkIL

eNkILBLKoldSUN0 Download

This is an usefull alias/identifier that allowing you to unzip/extract an ZIP file (and only .zip file) into a specific destination/folder without any extra tools by using Windows functions, it was tested under mirc 7.52 on Windows 10 and working, i am not sure if it is working on other windows v

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Text conversion

This is just a simple little setup that allows you to do conversions from binary <--> text and hex <--> text.

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Nickname builder

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Simple calculator

Type /calc or /calc 1+1

RaccoonBLKoldSUN0 Download

Mixes rgb color sets into a single rgb value

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Random word nick checker

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/hswap, /hcopy

/hswap <from_table> <to_table> <item> [<item>]

/hcopy <from_table> <to_table> [<item>]

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$isprime(number), $fact(number), $hcf(numbers), $lcm(numbers)

manish17BLKoldSUN0 Download


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mean - Find the average between a set of numbers. This is optional as this is also the default function for $average()

median - Find the middle value of a set of numbers.

mode - Find the most commonly used number in a set. Returns null (not $null) if there is no mode.


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So this is my latest Math game which takes some real math skills and fast mind calculations to win

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Kelvin conversions

Kelvin to RGB,HEX,CMYK,Degree,Fahrenheit Converter

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HTML Parser

$html(Name,title) - return the title of the NAME

$html(Name,script,N) - return length

Example: $html(Name,a,3).href - return the link name in third a in the NAME

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For loop


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//echo -a $factorial(nr) to get the factorial of the specified number

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A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text.

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HEX to decimap

Routine to convert an Hex IP in a Decimal IP

Try::     /h2d 598af63b


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Complex calculator

!calc or !calculate to use

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Functions to handle conversion between different types

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Binary Convertor

mIRC dialog to create a binary convertor

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!bin 100100

(19:37:52) <~dronez4> !bin 100100

(19:37:52) <~RCBOT> Binary Calculation: 36

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$_read(file, section, item/N)


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This snippet preserves the control codes (bold, italic, underline, reverse, color and plain) of the text wrapped, something the $wrap does not do. Its use is identical to the identifier $wrap.

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$shufftok(text, C)


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Replace tokens

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$randtok(text, N, C)

This works by randomizing the tokens and then just grabbing extra tokens from the original to satiate the requirement.

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Lets you generate a random number that remains attached to a period of clock time.

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Nickname Highlight Spam Detector by Raccoon 2017

RaccoonBLKoldSUN0 Download

This snippet decodes the html entities hexadecimal, decimal and named

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$formatnr(N, zeropad)

$formatnr(3, 2) // returns 03, $formatnr(13, 3) // returns 01, $formatnr(05, 1) // returns 5

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$formatdate(7/28/2015, mm:dd:yyyy) // returns 07/28/2015

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$cleanEquation-BLKoldSUN0 Download

Here is a snippit of code that allow you to get tokens from bvars (binary variables)

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Multidimensional array wrapper based off hash tables, with a few nice features

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This is a bot script that sends the most recent earthquakes globally or near some places you choose!

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NIM game with gems

There are 4 boxes with a certain number of gems (chosen randomly). When your turn comes, you can pick a maximum of 3 number of gems from any box. Your task is to force your opponent to pick the last remaining gem.

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Cricket multiplayer

Just like a real criket game.

newklearBLKoldSUN0 Download
Basketball $rand

Simple $rand game

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Duel game

!duel, !accept, !attack, !damage, !duelstats

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Casino Roulette

This is a classic single-zero Casino Roulette table

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Mafia Game 2

Another version for mafia irc game for your channel.

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Mafia IRC

Mafia is a game where a small number of players are secretly "Mafia", ,while the remainder are "Civilians"

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Lottery game

The winner will receive Ops in channel and previous winner will be de-Opped in channel

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IQ Test

This is a IQ test, 10 questions based on your answers will determine your IQ

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Hi-Lo Multiplayer Cards

You need to guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card

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Fight game

Syntax: !fight nickname or !fight stats nickname

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Elimination game

Someone has to type !eliminator to start the game

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Trivia (DE)

Simple trivia game in german with random topics

Baloe12nlBLKoldSUN0 Download
Dice game

Dice game with ini file for stats

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CS 1.6 Server Rcon Tracker

mIRC dialog to control a CS 1.6 server

interSysBLKoldSUN0 Download
Multiplayer Cards Game

It is a 4-player game and AI players will join if enough players aren`t available.

manish17BLKoldSUN0 Download

Sime $rand game

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Blackjack race

Blackjack Race is a channel based multiplayer game

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Alpha cards

The game is played between three players

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!bomb game (DE)

Simple bomb game to cut wire, in german

DjSxXBLKoldSUN0 Download
Alternate popups

Some operator menus

VladimirBLKoldSUN0 Download
Topic style

Menu popups to style your topic messages

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Support script (DE)

Dialog mIRC with a lot of informations in german. (incomplete)

MoraSuBLKoldSUN0 Download

Snippet for snotices

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Search Ip

.searchip, !searchip, .searchnick, !searchnick

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IP/Nick storing

Storing ip addresses and the nickname used for that IP address

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RControl bot

COmmands and popups to control a mirc bot

Mi9BLKoldSUN0 Download
Rankins sys

Snippet to add global owner, master, op, etc

DeferoBLKoldSUN0 Download

Compress modes in the form of like : +bbbbbbbbbbbbRml 120 instead of 1 mode

mygganBLKoldSUN0 Download
Quote bot

Simple snippet for quote bot

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IRCOP addon

IRCOp Mass Network Ban

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Account dialog

Advanced account system administration

btaBLKoldSUN0 Download
Channel modes

mIRC dialog to change channel modes

ZallikexBLKoldSUN0 Download
Trigger commands

Triggers for bot control like !kb,!kick, etc

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Channel quickinfo

Popup menu that displays channel informations

SaNCaKBLKoldSUN0 Download
Topic changer

mIRC dialog that changes the topic on timer

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Auto OP script

Snippet to add/remove ops

DeferoBLKoldSUN0 Download

Another mirc dialog to identify

NikolasBLKoldSUN0 Download

mIRC dialog for auto identify

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Admin pannel DCX

Simple mirc dialog in DCX for admins to change channel modes

SabrinaBLKoldSUN0 Download
XOP dialog

Simple mIRC dialog for chanserv access

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Verbose debugger

Debugger that toggles `echo` functionality in mIRC when debugging

fanfareBLKoldSUN0 Download
URL highlight

On url detection, it will be highlighted

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URL Shortener

Shortens your URLs using TinyURL

ManishBLKoldSUN0 Download
URL color underline

Detects an url and format to underline

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Titlebar system

mIRC dialog to display information in titlebar

SaNCaKBLKoldSUN0 Download
Timestamp change

mIRC dialog to change the timestamp

SaNCaKBLKoldSUN0 Download
Text event

Some colors on text event

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Highlight nick

Simple nick highlighter script

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Session Manager

Session manager to connections, servers and channels

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X whois

Script will check /whois and X verify on PM

YMBLKoldSUN0 Download
Secure connection

This script prevent to join in the channels, before X login

YMBLKoldSUN0 Download
Relay snippet

This script is for BNC`s Relay Bot using scid

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Register dialog

Simple mirc dialog to register a username

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Quote script

Script for quote of the day with commands

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Common Channels

Simple dialog that display commom channels with a user

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Poll snippet

You can vote in private with a query to the bot

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OBS Quote system

Simple mirc dialog for quotes

anthonydfurrBLKoldSUN0 Download
Nick tracker

Displays a list of recently used nicks

SaNCaKBLKoldSUN0 Download
Nick grabber

Simple, effective nick grabber for stolen or occupied nicks

Fossa IRCnetBLKoldSUN0 Download
Nick completor

Simple nick completor snippet (nick:)

-BLKoldSUN0 Download
Multi Message System

You can stack up to 10 messages per nickname

newklearBLKoldSUN0 Download
Whois info

RAW whois info with clone detector

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IP Tracker

Detects ip location (whatismyip)

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Date & Time Comparison


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IPV6 search

Search within channels ipv6

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Lyrics Finder

Fetch data from

OrFeAsGrBLKoldSUN0 Download
IP Locator 1.7

!ip - .ip - @ip

-BLKoldSUN0 Download

Sockopen IP lookup

OrFeAsGrBLKoldSUN0 Download
IP Locator

IP locator using sockopen on ip-lookup

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Idle Check & BAN

Mass /whois-ing your channel (except @ops), and you can BAN idlers with a click

YM @ UnderNetBLKoldSUN0 Download
Easier Identifier

Simple mirc dialog to identify

Max EvansBLKoldSUN0 Download
Autovoice after logged in

Do a whois. If its logged in, he will receive autovoice.

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Whois (FR)

Whois RAW information in french

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Follows a nick

Monitors a specific user on a defined channel

LucyferoBLKoldSUN0 Download
Days until Christmas

Are you ready for the Christmas? Ho-Ho-Ho!

Tony L (DG)BLKoldSUN0 Download
Connect dialog

mIRC dialog for autoconnect options

eNkILBLKoldSUN0 Download
Common chans

Check your common channels with $nick

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Clipboard manager

mIRC dialog that displays your clipboard memory

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Little chat window

Small custom window for chatting on desktop

YamaBLKoldSUN0 Download
Away system

Simple away dialog

-BLKoldSUN0 Download
Away sustem v2

Away dialog script

eNkILBLKoldSUN0 Download

Simple dialog for autologin on services

eNkILBLKoldSUN0 Download
Autojoin with identify

Simple snippet to autojoin with regex

johnDoe24BLKoldSUN0 Download
Auto join (ES)

Autojoin snippet script with commands

VickitoBLKoldSUN0 Download
Address finder

Filter to find $address (scid multinetwork)

MattBLKoldSUN0 Download
Recent acitivity menu

mIRC snippet that displays in the menu some recent activity

RaccoonBLKoldSUN0 Download