mIRC bots (protections, A.I., channel management)
mIRC Bot Author Description User vote
Bot Manager v2. entropyWARNING: This script is NOT intended to be a flood bot or proxy loader. It`s a friendly utility bot. By using this script, you release us from any liability for mis-use. Use at your own risk!
LinkBot - RelayChat wizouLinkBot (relay) is a simple irc bot that you can connect to multiple irc networks. Becase it uses relaychat commands, it means that you can use trigger like @kick @networkname nickname. So, you can kick users from other networks not being there connected. It also shows the users from the respective
PBot Protection weaver/soloA dedicated, smart and unobtrusive channel protection socket bot with numerous options.
RelayChat Monitor BLKoldSUNmIRC Bot that copies the entire activity from a mirc channel, and paste it on another mirc server. Events like JOIN, PART, QUIT, TEXTS, MODES.
Sensuality BOT mIRC bot cu comenzi pentru camerele de chat, protectii, comenzi operatori, control nickserv si chanserv
Sith Bot ZioGamberomIRC bot in limba italiana ce are inclus joc trivia, antispam, auto identify, multi net join, protectii personal de canal sau query, protectii flood, loguri, protectii la cuvinte urate + scripturi pentru operatorii camerei de chat.
C++ IRC Bot hmageBot mirc realizat in consola c++ ce se poate conecta la un sever irc. Botul functioneaza pe baza unui fisier config unde ii pot fi setati anumiti parametri. Botul inregistreaza orice linie scrisa pe camerele de chat, apoi pe baza unui algoritm si setari, va trimite mesaje pe chat.