mIRC Addons Download

Adonurile sunt niste pachete de scripturi care aduc functionalitati suplimentare clientului de baza mIRC. Aceste pachete sunt formate din fisiere ".mrc", ".dll", ".ini" samd. Spre exemplu, un player muzical poate fi un addon pentru mirc. Un alt exemplu ar fi un mic grafic precum "lagbar" ce afiseaza lagul curent. Posibilitatile sunt fara numar.

Cauti fisiere TCL de calitate inalta? Accesand site-ul TCLScripts.net puteti avea acces la cele mai bune scripturi din domeniu. Site recomandat de staff-ul PremiumChat.ro
mIRC Addon Descriere/Continut Popularitate
Channel Top10This script is to view a monthly and daily Top10 chatters of a channel. !stats [nick], !top10, !tstats [nick], !clearstats, !delstats
KTE Theme EngineKTE Theme Engine - with this mirc addon, you can create new schema styles for your irc script. This is compatible with MTS.
MTrivia ControlThis addon monitors your trivia bot activity, and if the trivia stops, the addon will start again. The addon is only for romanian trivia MTriviaPro.
WPM SpeedometerThis mirc addon will display on the titlebar the speed of your input typing text.
SockScanner 1.0This mirc addon will scan the server from open proxies.
Classic Skin managerThis mirc addon will change your channel, status and toolbar backgrounds. This addon is simple and classic.
Server Seek 1.2The main purpose of this addon is being able to search through your servers.ini file, without having to do it yourself
seen system v5.0!seen script with dialog box
MISH Seen 3.31Advanced !seen script. Dialog Control what the seen script will log: Kicks, Bans, Joins, Parts, Quits and Nick Changes
Seen ScriptWhen someone types !Seen in a chan, if you have this enabled, you will relay whatever event you have recorded for that nick.