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Solid services popups

Channel popups with a lot of options for solidirc daemon services.

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Away with protection

mIRC addon to show users that you are not at the pc. This script also has included some repeat and flood protection for those who want to disturb you.

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Away pager

mIRC addon that sets you away to show others that you are not at the pc. This simple addon comes with a picwin pager and its very interesting. Even if its an away system, the author also included an anti idle function. Cool, huh?

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Simple away

mIRC addon that sets you away to show other users that you are not at the pc. (or you are?:D)

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Mp3 player for mirc that need to have installed "System info" addon from the .rar file. The addon needs winamp open and it will display the songs on irc channels.

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System info

mIRC addon that collects a lot of system information and displays into the channels. The script it better to run with an older version of mirc because it crashes on mirc 7.x. when i open some dialogs.

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Terror Mp3

Terror mp3 is an addon for mirc and has some cool functions like: playlist, options to repeat, suffle songs, file browser and enque song. The addon also displayn on channel the songs that you are listening to.

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Mp3 Player

Mp3 player for mirc using picwin interface. The addon comes with a lot of functions and control panel for music. The addon has playlist included, song history, playlist editor and a file browser. 

The addon can also have the ability to serve mp3 files.

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AmpArga 2.6

AmpArga is an old addon for mirc from where you can display on mirc what are you listening in Winamp. It has a lot of functions, you can choose  what informations to display on channels. In order to work, you must open Winamp player first and then to run the script from the popups.

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Channel Top10

This script is to view a monthly and daily Top10 chatters of a channel. !stats [nick], !top10, !tstats [nick], !clearstats, !delstats