Our mission is to provide users with a pleasant environment to meet new people. Using this website, they can instantly communicate in chat and use certain facilities.

PremiumChat.ro is a Romanian website, with foreign chat rooms running a private communication server. It is based on the UnrealIRCd daemon and for protection and administration Anope 2.0 is used. For video chat connections, these are performed strictly between the connected users (p2p) and do not require a private server dedicated to the broadcast.

PremiumChat.ro Staff

Andrei Founder
Daniel Network Admin

Server irc.PremiumChat.ro

# Server Version Platform Status
1 UnrealIRCd 4.0.18 Windows Online
The server was created on 23 Jun 2019
2 Anope 2.0.6 Windows Online
3 Stats 2.0 Windows Online

Access VHost

  • Services Root: @servicesroot
  • Services Administrator: @servicesadmin
  • Services Operator: @servicesoperator
  • Network Admin: @netadmin
  • Global IRCOP: @global.ircop
  • Local IRCOP: @local.ircop
  • Helper: @helper.ircop
  • Helper staff: @helper.staff

Official chatrooms

  • Help: #Help
  • OPs: #Staff
  • Quarantine: #virus
  • Public: #Romania