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Malicious mirc scripts

Two days ago, i have downloaded a big archive with old mirc scripts from a website that i found on my searches and yesterday when i decided to take a look, i had a big big surprise.

Almost every mirc script contained at least 4 different trojan horses. I wasnt in shock because somehow i expected that and i had to do my job. Take each file, analyze it, remove every malicious file and move on. Almost every script had a folder called "Utils" or "Tools" with exe like aliases.exe, nuke.exe, firewall.exe, and the list goes on.

I wasnt scared because i had wifi off. Its better to not let anything to be downloaded or uploaded like my personal docs.

Why am i writing this little article?

Its important for the people to know that are others that want to make bad things and this is why we exists here. The new era will bring new users interested in mirc, and they must find easily all kind of archives. The world must have access to our files in a protected environment and without being in danger. Any user who downloads from external sites is prone to various viruses that can be harmful. They can steal personal data, destroy computers, or control your system.

If you think that our work deserves worlds attention, please join our irc network. It will matter a lot for us.

I hope that this will bring the users attention, and in the future they will be more carefull  when they download external files.