General terms of use

This platform offers free chat access provided that these terms are respected. Any user who wants to access the chat must read and accept our conditions, otherwise it can be disconnected.

Registering an account

Any person, regardless of age, can register on this chat provided that the name you want does not contain names that can refer to spam, sexual connotations, racism or silly characters (eg: gigi23gh43). This also applies to email addresses.

Moderators automatically ban e-mail addresses with strange names, or spam names. We recommend using one of these platforms as an email: Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or the domain of a website.

Editing your account

In the chat every user has his own commands where they can add some personal information:. Please do not post advertisements on websites, products or services within this information and the scrapbook you choose (or upload from your own computer) is not an obscene one.

Public discussions

In chat, the discussions can be carefully monitored by the moderators, and you should know that indecent language, spam messages, too many repeated messages can be sanctioned. We do not allow the offenses of the other participants in the discussions, nor the attacks on the moderators, regardless of their nature. This is strictly forbidden and immediate action can be taken. We recommend you to be civilized and spend your time as pleasant as possible.

Private discussions

Private messages between users are strictly personal, with no moderator / administrator / netadmin having no access to them. The user has the obligation to ignore the persons who offend and in serious cases announced an administrator. Moderators have no obligation to take action against a user if he offends you. You have the command / ignore available and must be used.


Chatting with clones, drones, flood bots or other unmanaged bots is prohibited. Those bots that talk on registered and private channels, trivia or scrabble games, are accepted. We do not allow scripts that send CTCP or DCC commands to retrieve IPs or other information.

Recover password

At the moment there is no form where you can reset your password personally, this can only be done by the network administrators. To reset your password, send an email to "" stating the username, email address and the old known password.

The administrators will send the new password to the email account you registered.

Regulations for VideoChat

Using this platform you are responsible for everything you say and what you do on the webcam. This website is not responsible for the actions of users, but like any other community, there are some rules of conduct that must be followed.

Public discussions

We do not moderate public discussions because this doesnt exists.

Private discussions

Private chats on this videochat platform between users can be moderated by an admin but only if the users are active. If the user is disconnected from the chat the history will be deleted by the server so we dont keep track of chats. There might be some situations where we can call some server logs to check but in our opinion, private chat remains a personal thing. The user has the ability to disconnect and reconnect with other people if they dont like someone.

Broadcasting VIDEO and AUDIO

We do not moderate video chats because the broadcast its created p2p (peer-to-peer) and we dont use a server to create the connections. So, in this case, the users are responsible for their content.

Special measures

This videochat platform is not designed for nudity, and if a users feels uncomfortable because of a public nudity they can contact us with a print screen and we will try to take some actions.