BLKoldSUN mIRC Script

Starcraft Theme

This script has been created in 2013 and since then, i have added a lot of features, most of them working at command level. Its main scope is to have a beautiful design and attraction for those who like mirc.

  • Complete menus for users and ircops
  • Control user pannel
  • Script sounds for PM, chatroom notifications, or other events
  • Different backgrounds for sidebar and channel background
  • Local IRC Server - first you need to start the irc server, and to setup and after that you will need to make a port forward and set a new DNS
  • You can activate webcam and audio call
  • Broadcast Webcam or audio call
  • Proxy activation
  • Regedit script to extend your license
  • Activation crack (its not a virus!)
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Shattered Web mIRC Scripts

Last update: 03.12.2019

ICO Script name Size Downloads Secure to download
Anaconda Script 706Kb 36
Babylon Script 614Kb 17
Chaos Script 693Kb 18
Dragon Script 1Mb 17
God IRC SCript 7Mb 15
DragonBallZ 5Mb 10
Hennes Script 564Kb 19
hIRC Script 821Kb 24
Lady Script 1Mb 12
Nis Script 3Mb 11
NoName Script 3Mb 30
PnP Script 618Kb 29
Project Dream 6Mb 13
Mondolollosso Script 2Mb 28
PScript 1Mb 14
ThoraK Girls 4Mb 15

Shattered Web TCL for eggdrop

ICO TCL file name Category
vorbeste.tcl Bot
scrabble.tcl Game
VulnerabilityNews.tcl News Bot
AutoTopic.tcl Tools
help.tcl Tools
seen.tcl Bot
identify.tcl Tools
BlackSeen.tcl Bot
uptime.tcl Tools
auto_greet_trivia.tcl Command to send message
joinlimiter.tcl Tools/Protection
ssh.tcl Tools
badnick.tcl Tools/Protection
shoutcast.tcl Bot/Radio
google.tcl Tools
youtube.tcl Tools
Scrabble.rar (tcl) Game Bot
whois.tcl Tools
dns.tcl Tools
horoscop.tcl Tools
nmap.tcl Tools
ircop_login.tcl Tools/Identify
blackjack.tcl Game Bot
Fazan.rar (tcl) Game Bot
Trivia.rar (tcl) Game Bot
Spanzuraroarea.rar (tcl) Game Bot