The rank access

Access or rank represents a right of access offered by the chat network staff that offers the possibility of using more functions on the respective platform. Often, this access is offered free of charge to certain categories of users or paid.


IRC Operators in 99% of the cases you encounter are those users with the highest access rate on a chat . They are either the owners or only have access provided by one of the founders. With maximum access (depending on the rankings of the platform) they can control most of the chat facilities.
Regarding the regulation , they are very strict and penalties are immediate.

  • Required knowledge: HTML, PhotoShop / Illustrator (or any other graphics software), WinSCP, Putty (SSH) and optionally PHP, JS, VB .NET or C #.


IRC administrators are the users who own a chat channel. They can manage their irc camera as they please, they can apply rules, channel modes as they please. Because he owns an IRC channel, the server's rules are different from his, so we recommend that you request the link of the web page or forum.


Operators are users with less access on a chat, and they can only use the commands provided as / kick, / ban or / warn. Moderator access involves monitoring the room chat so that the regulations are not violated (spam, offenses, abusive repetition, bots, etc.). You should know that moderators are not paid to follow you, and everything is done on a voluntary basis so if there are users who violate some rules and are not sanctioned, this means that those moderators are not on the computer or are disconnected from the chat. In these cases, you can contact us by email with the situation and we will try to take the necessary measures.


A helper is a user like the op but it has a limitation regarding the orders. This type of access can be given to a reliable user with a minimum of chat experience.

VIP Users

VIP access can be interpreted in many ways as access on a network, but with us in chat, this type can be obtained either by: donation, free by administrators or depending on the XP of each user (eg: seniority) . For us, those who have access VIPs are very well seen and trustworthy, for this very reason, VIP is an important access on the chat .

DJ Moderator

DJ moderators are not the ones who also have access to the / kick or / ban commands, so don't confuse them. DJs are people who have a passion for live broadcasting on the radio and taking over preferences music sent by listeners.

  • Required knowledge: Sam Broadcaster, WHM Sonic, working with shoutcast / icecast scripts, previous experience in this field is a personal advantage.

Registered members

The user is the person who accesses this page and can register for free on the chat . By default, the user is not given any access but can only access the facilities of the respective chat level (public chat, private chat, access to emoticons, sounds, etc.). Users and others accessing this network have the obligation to comply with the regulations imposed by the staff.


Bot is represented by a fake account that is programmed by a person to register for chat for spam or flood. These bots are not hard to find, most cannot be controlled unless the programmer has some knowledge for it. Example of bots encountered on IRC pages: trivia games, scrabbles, bots that can greet users at join / part, bots that can moderate the channel against offenses, bots that can flood the channel, and so on.

If you find bots and are not controlled, please contact us as soon as possible to take the necessary measures.